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Plex [x86]

Plex Media Server for QNAP


    • (Metadata) Support local artist posters and fanart.
    • (Metadata) Support local album fanart.
    • (Metadata) Support 'short', 'featurette' and 'other' sidecar movie extras.
    • Log files are now versioned as .X.log instead of .log.X.
    • (OS X) Log files are now stored in a dedicated "~/Library/Logs/Plex Media Server" directory
    • (PMP) Support remuxing FLAC audio for video transcodes.
    • (Prefs) Move advanced Update Channel pref to non-advanced section.
    • Improved startup times on multi-core systems.
    • (Lyrics) Handle lyrics files with CR linebreaks.
    • (Media Optimizer) Improved default sorting of items for Media Optimizer, Playlists, and Sync.
    • (Metadata) Show correct release date for MP3 music files.
    • (Metadata) Read metadata from MP4 movie files without audio track.
    • (Metadata) Don't strip dots from song titles.
    • (Metadata) Artists with trailing dots weren't showing album metadata in music libraries using the Last.fm agent.
    • Generate thumbnails with correct aspect ratios for anamorphic content.
    • Reliably find local assets for multi-disc music albums.
    • Improve reliability of .plexignore handling.
    • Improve reliability of library cleanup during scanning.
    • Incorrect playlist durations when items have multiple versions.
    • Prevent scheduled tasks from starting and ending at the same time.
    • Don't label media items as "Original" when there's only one.
    • Enable uninstalling manually installed plugins.
    • (Transcoder) Improve performance transcoding video to MP4 containers.
    • (Transcoder) Prefer transcodes of stereo sources to AAC over other multi-channel codecs.
    • (Transcoder) Improve compatibility of HLS transcodes with some older Samsung TVs.
    • (Transcoder) Failures transcoding audio with low sampling rates for the Roku.
    • (Transcoder) Failures copying invalid chapters when transcoding to streaming MKV.
    • (Transcoder) Failures burning DVB subtitles.
    • (Transcoder) Incorrect name and language attributes when transcoding subtitles to WebVTT.
    • (Transcoder) Online content requiring a specific user agent wasn't transcoding correctly.
    • (Prefs) Removed obsolete "Offer higher bitrates over 3G connections" preference.
    • (Prefs) Removed obsolete "Enable Dolby Digital on Apple TV" preference.
    • (Playlists) Sorting playlists by duration wasn't working.
    • (Windows) Failures installing when Windows Firewall service is disabled.
    • (Windows) Automatically launch the server after auto update.
    • (Windows) Incorrect Windows version listed in installer logs.
    • (iOS) Failures playing MP4 video with MP3 audio.
    • (DLNA) Connect to remote media servers securely.
    • (DLNA) Crashes when video has no audio stream.
    • (Roku) TV play queues weren't advancing
    • (Bundles) A number of small service fixes.
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